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About Us

Carcom OÜ’s mission as a renowned vehicle retailer, is to offer vehicles of high quality, with correct service history and abundant features. We import cars to Estonia from various dealers all over Europe, which are mainly situated in Germany, Netherlands and Sweden.
We in Carcom strive in your behalf, taking care for both technical and legal side. Doing so, we can assure you convinient, safe, fast and hassle-free experience with us. Our experienced sales team will be on hand to help.
Our team has automotive experience in import, sales and service since 1992. We’re constantly updating our stock with at least 70 vehicles displayed in order to offer a large variety of cars.

In Carcom, we specialise first and foremost in vehicles from VOLVO and FORD. We belive, that thanks to our long-standing knowledge and specialization in certain type of cars, we can offer our clients cars, with best technical solutions and inexpensive service expenses.

A little later, VOLKSWAGEN has shown up in our main range. We have been focusing on greener future-oriented Volkswagen Ecofuel natural gas/ CNG vehicles. Concidering CNG, we could like to emphasize especially low CO2 emissions and low fuel consumption. So a more economical journey to both the wallet and nature.

Carcom OÜ is official partner with all the banks providing financial lease in Estonia. We collaborate with all financial lease providers.

Our cars have been checked and we are sure about their great condition and quality. To verify that, all the cars imported by Carcom come with CARCOM warranty.

By clients request, You have the possibility to have the car checked in Your choosen workshop or representative firm within Tallinn. Transport is our problem and for you, it’s Free.

In addition we offer service, repairs and mounting accessories.